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Fresher Than “Fresh” – Did you get the memo?

vine-ripened-tomatoYum! – Vine ripened food not only tastes the best, but also has the maximum nutrition that mother nature provides and our bodies know how to use to stay healthy – IF you eat it when it really is fresh.

Did you know . . .?

fresh-green-beans52% of Vitamin C is lost within 2 days if green beans are not preserved? [1]
fresh-blueberries40% More Calcium is found in flash frozen blueberries than store-bought blueberries? [2]

freshh-spinach6 Times More Vitamin A is found in flash frozen spinach than store-bought spinach? [2]
fresh-peaches21 Times More Vitamin C can be found in flash frozen peaches than store-bought peaches? [2]
VeggieTruckMost “fresh” produce travels an average of 2,000 miles to get to your grocery store? [3]

So what are we to do? Here’s 3 solutions:

  1. garden-vegetable-basketHave a Garden. Boy, nothing tastes better than fresh grown produce from your garden. Do you have a garden? I have a small one that is close to my house and this year is the first year I’ve had a problem with deer eating it up. My dog, Casey, died a year ago, and was probably the reason they stayed away because her scent was all around our house and yard. Do you have any tips to keep the deer, rabbits or other wildlife away from my garden? Natural of course, as I don’t like chemicals. Please share in the comments, I’d love to read them.
  2. farmers-marketBuy from a local Farmer’s Market. Do you have one available to you? Here we are limited to eating really “fresh” food when it is in season and there are a lot of foods we want to eat that cannot be grown locally. I have one in my area that is open on Wednesdays from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  3. FDcornBuy Freeze Dried Food. The advantage of having a Home Store with freeze dried food is that you can have “fresh” food anytime of the year, whenever you want it. Can you imagine fresh, sweet corn right off the cob in December? Or how about strawberries? You aren’t bound by the season and the nutrition is as close to growing it yourself as you can get.

A Tale of 2 Bananas

Which is fresher, the banana sitting on your counter or a can of THRIVE Banana Slices? Take a look at the journey each one takes before it reaches your plate — the answer may surprise you!

Tale of 2 Bananas

What is freeze drying?

Freeze drying is a chemical free process which takes a product, i.e., fruit, vegetables, meat, yogurt, cheese, etc., and seals in it’s original, freshness, shape texture and quality for about 25 years. This means no waste!


In my opinion, not any freeze dried food will do. After doing my research, I chose THRIVE. Can you see the difference? THRIVE is on the bottom. Which one would you rather eat?


THRIVE Qualities

  • No Preservatives
  • MSG Free
  • NON-GMO Choices
  • Gluten FREE certified
  • Organic Options

In addition, THRIVE is already diced, chopped, sliced, grated and cooked in the case of meats. Meals come together in a snap and taste better because they are really “fresh.”

Are you ready to start making healthier, more nutritious meals in half the time or less?

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