72 Hour Kit

When events happen that disrupt our lives, if we have a choice it is always better to hunker down in your home.  But sometimes that isn’t possible and you have to leave, at least for a few days.  This is when a 72 hour Kit comes into play.  I’ve written a paper on 72 Hour Kits for you to create it yourself.  Click here to download – it’s free!


2 Person Survival Pack

You can also purchase pre-assembled kits – Click here to see what THRIVE has to offer.  If you became a Thrive Consultant with the Deluxe Start Kit, you will have received a 2-person survival pack in your kit.  I would recommend that even if you by a pre-assembled kit, that you download my 72 Hour Kit paper as you will still need to enhance these kits to make sure they are complete.


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