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Sausage Cheese PopUms – Under 30 minutes!

Sausage Cheese PopUmsI played around with 3 Thrive Ingredients and created this Sausage Cheese PopUm Recipe. These Sausage Cheese PopUms are great as an appetizer or snack but area also a great breakfast with maple syrup on them! They freeze well or keep in the fridge for several days. So you can make them up ahead of time to have a quick and easy breakfast or snack anytime you want!

Sausage Cheese Popum Thrive Ingred


SausageCheesePopUms-NutriFD – Freeze Dried
Thrive product numbers are for pantry cans


1 cup Thrive FD Sausage Crumbles (#22568)
1 cup hot water
1 cup Thrive 10 Grain Pancake Mix (#22131)
3 Tablespoons butter, soften
1 cup Thrive FD Cheddar Cheese (#22440)


– Pre heat Oven to 350 degrees.
– Put Thrive FD Sausage Crumbles into small mixing bowl. Add hot water, stir and let sit 10 minutes.
– Put Thrive 10 Grain Pancake Mix into medium mixing bowl. Cut in soften butter until crumbly.
– Add Thrive FD Cheddar Cheese and mix to coat cheese with buttered pancake mix.
Sausage Soaking– Add sausage AND the water to the pancake mix and gently stir until moistened.
– Scoop into Mini Muffin Pan that has been sprayed with Butter Spray.
Sausage Cheese-Ready2Bake–  Bake 18-22 minutes until golden brown and done in the middle.
Sausage Cheese-DoneENJOY!

Makes 24 PopUms in a mini muffin pan.



Click here to download Sausage Cheese PopUms Recipe!

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