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Thrive Tomato Powder – So Versatile!

Tomato PowderTomato Powder NutritionThrive Tomato Powder is one of my favorite products. You can Substitute THRIVE Tomato Powder in any dish that calls for tomato juice, paste or sauce.  It’s perfect for stews, soups, Italian sauces, casseroles or pasta.  Add it to your beef gravy for a richer and heartier flavor.

Notice the ingredients?  Yep, just tomatoes! — Non-GMO, NO MSG and NO preservatives!

Preparation Instructions Mix THRIVE Tomato Powder into water until smooth to create tomato paste, sauce, or juice using the ratios below.

Ratio   Powder    +   Water                   Yield
1:2      1/2 cup    +   1 cups      = 1 1/2 cups paste
1:4       1/2 cup   +   2 cups      = 2 1/2 cups sauce
1:6       1/4 cup   +  1 1/2 cups = 1 3/4 cups juice


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Want Quick, Healthy Meals? A Home Store Solution!

For years I had a 2 hour a day commute to my job. Add that to the 45+ hours I worked every week, and that left me with little time to prepare and eat healthier meals. For the last 5 years, I’ve been able to work from home and still don’t feel like I have much extra time to prepare and eat healthier meals!  Can you relate?

Mango Pineapple CornA few years ago, I discovered Thrive Life.  After just tasting the pineapple, mango and corn right out of the can, I was blown away with the flavor and was hooked.

Potato Ingredient

Only 1 ingredients in Thrive produce cans – NO preservatives!

I decided to create my own Home Store with an assortment of Thrive Life products. Why Thrive? Well, Thrive fruits and vegetables, for example, are vine ripened then flash frozen, sealing in the maximum nutrition and taste — providing healthier options and nothing comes from China! They’re also NON-GMO, have NO MSG and NO preservatives. And because it’s freeze dried in a can, the shelf life is up to 25 years (unopened) or 1-2 years (opened) in my pantry, instead of 1 week or less in my fridge — eliminating a lot of waste — think spinach, celery or strawberries!

Kay's Home Store Pantry

Here’s one of my Home Store Cupboards.

Creating a Home Store is like driving a car to get you where you want to go.


  • The THRIVE Q is the VEHICLE!

Is it for You?

Building a Home Store with the Thrive Q and/or Smart Start probably isn’t for you if you are already preparing and eating healthy meals and aren’t concerned with saving more time and money.  But if that isn’t you, and you’d like some help then lets continue right along . . .

Do you know what a THRIVE Home Store is?

A THRIVE Home Store is just a well stocked pantry — It’s like having your own grocery store in your cupboards.  Mine is mostly Thrive with some other good products my family likes.

How do I build my THRIVE Home Store?

Enter the The THRIVE Q – THRIVE’s brilliant monthly grocery delivery program that brings the grocery store to your home — on the date and budget you choose. When you go on The Q, you always get the best price on your THRIVE foods.  I’m always up for a bargain – How about you?


Thrive Q 1-2-3


Kay’s Recommendation: Begin Building a Home Store on the Thrive Q, starting with a Taste of Thrive Smart Start Kit AND Current Monthly Specials!

Taste of Thrive & Monthly Specials

Taste of Thrive and YOU add current monthly specials to meet budget each month.

A Taste of THRIVE plus the Monthly Specials. Set you budget for $200/month and request the Taste of THRIVE for $100 and then modify the 2nd $100 to include the current months specials, to take advantage of these extra savings on THRIVE and build your Home Store faster!

Budget: $200/month (3 shipments)

27 THRIVE foods + whatever monthly specials you pick for 2nd $100
Helpful tips and info on each food
Recipe and usage ideas in each shipment
THRIVE Guide full of product info
Quick Reference sheet for fridge

The time has come! Click here to get started — there is a good video tutorial on setting up your Q . . .


If you would like me to set up your Q initially, I’d be happy to provide that service for you:

  • Just email me at
  • Subject: Help Setup My Q
  • Please give me your address and phone number and a good time to call.
  • I’ll answer any further questions you have and take care of getting you started today!

Have fun on the journey building your THRIVE Home Store!

Kay Curtiss Signature



10 Ways Sneak Fruits & Veggies e-BookP.S. Many of the ingredients in the Taste of Thrive and Monthly Specials can be use with the THRIVE in a Mug Basic Single Serving Recipe found on pg. 38 in my free e-Book “10 Ways to SNEAK Fruits and Vegetables Into Your Diet,”

Did you download yours? 



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Going from Good, to Better, to Best in Your Savings on THRIVE – Become a Thrive Consultant!

Here we’re gong to explore how you can MAKE MONEY with THRIVE (on top of the money you are saving by being on the Monthly Q, Smart Start, the fast track to building a Home Store, and/or Hosting a “Party”) — by becoming a THRIVE Consultant!

Direct SalesWhy would I want to be a THRIVE Consultant?

Because as a Consultant you’ll receive these MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Benefits:

1. “Party” Commissions: 10% commission on customer orders, any extra personal orders beyond your monthly Q, AND at least a 20% commission (up to 32%) on the 1st month for those you set up on the Q — EXCELLENT!
2. Recurring Commissions: 5% recurring commission on the Q purchases every month thereafter while the customer remains on the Q — SWEET!
3. You receive a $50 ASAP (Additional Sponsorship Advanced Pay) Bonus for every Consultant you enroll — which you will receive the week after you’ve enrolled them — COOL!
4. You can be your own Host, earning Host Benefits on top of commissions — MIND-BOGGLING!
5. FREE Q Club membership, even with just a $50 monthly Q, earning you points for more free food or other Thrive products — AMAZING!
6. Build a Team: Earn up to 2% of level 1, 2, and 3 sales — AWESOME!
7. You have NO sales or party quotas — the only requirement is that you have a $50 monthly Q — IMPRESSIVE!

But what if I’m not interested in having a home-based business?

That’s how I joined. I was a Consultant for over 2 years, just for the extra perks for myself, before I decided to build my home-based business — so I get it!

Here’s a MAGNIFICENT SEVEN for you too:

1. You can just eat your kit! – You get loads of products in your consultant kit at a super bargain. So just eat you kit.
2. Your friends and family will think you are awesome! — You’ll get business literature with your kit, just distribute it to your family and friends who might be interested in Thrive. Should they decide to order, YOU can place the order for them and save them money — AND you’ll a little extra spending money and some free stuff, too! Pretty neat, huh?
3. Q Club is automatically FREE — no $100 minimum – that saves you $79.99 right there!
4. Get paid to do your shopping! Do your gift shopping (Birthday, Christmas, Wedding or other holiday events). As a consultant, you earn free and 1/2 off products all the time! Plus you get paid, too. Earn money from your Christmas list! – How sweet is that?
5. With NO monthly sales or party minimum, you only need a no-stress $50/month Q to be an active consultant and qualify for commissions.
6. Free food for your household! If you want a larger Q, simply set up your spouse or other household member up on the Q and the initial commission and recurring commissions will help pay for it.
7. Fast Track to building your Home Store with all the extra perks, giving you Peace of Mind!

As a THRIVE Consultant, you will have additional benefits and awesome support from THRIVE LIFE.  Click here to see what they provide . . . This is Great, BUT . . .

Why do I want to join the Thrive With Kay Team? Because . . .

1. I’m working on a special e-Course Online Marketing System for my team to help them build their home-based business with Online Marketing (if they want to use that). You’ll also get tips and suggestions on how to maximize all your Consultant perks to your benefit. This is in addition to the P.A.T.H. training available from THRIVE LIFE in your back office. Note: If Thrive is not your primary home-based business right now, these tips and suggestions can be applied to any home-based business.

Easy Solutions to Eat Healthier.

Easy Solutions to Eat Healthier.

2. My team can use my free e-Book “10 Ways to Get More Fruits and Vegetables Into Their Diet” to give away like I do – until you get to the point where you write your own free e-Book (I’ll show you how), if you ever want to.
3. My team can use any of my free e-Courses I develop and deliver automatically via email to help filter and find qualifying leads to build their business. You would just need to do some minor tweaks to point the leads to you.
4. My team will have access to any other free products I develop (other e-Books, recipes, papers, my blog etc.) that I use throughout our marketing system.
5. As I keep learning and growing unbuilding my home-based business, I will be sharing everything I discover with my team on how to build a successful home-based business.
6. I’ll do everything I can to help you be as successful as you want to be!

“Ok, I’m ready to Join your Team — What does it cost?”

I’m glad you asked. We have 3 Starter Kits to choose from. Click here to see the full breakdown of the 3 Kits — But let me do a brief cost comparison here:

1. Consultant Starter Kit – $199.00 — gives you $133.77 (Retail) in Food
2. Value Starter Kit – $289.00 — gives you $500.45 (Retail) in Food
3. Deluxe Starter Kit – $579.00 — gives you $1,120.49 (Retail) in Product, including the $500.45 in Food like Kit #2 PLUS a Harvest 72” Food Rotation Shelf AND a 2-Person Survival Pack.

Thrive with Kay Tips My Suggested Kit for most people is Kit #2 – the Value Starter Kit – This kit gives you the biggest bang for you buck with the Thrive food included. It’s only $90 more than Kit #1 but give you $366.68 (Retail) more in Thrive food. If you need or want a Food Rotation Shelf then Kit 3 is the best deal for you.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment here or email me ( We can arrange a time to talk further on the phone if we need to.

Finally, watch why others have joined Thrive Life and get a glimpse of the kind of people you will be rubbing elbows with!

Now that you are ready to Join My Team —  Click here for an easy prompt sign-up.

It’s time for us to build our Thriving Lives together!ThrvingLife

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Save Even More on Your Groceries Beyond the Thrive Q – Host a Thrive Party!

Would you like to get some FREE groceries and heavily discounted items to help build your THRIVE Home Store?

That would also free up more of your true monthly food budget to use for other things — think about that — What treat for yourself or family would you get or do with that recovered money? Summer camps, piano or dance lessons for the kids — OR — how about a massage or spa treatment for you, a weekend getaway or some redecorating around your home?

Who doesn't love Free Groceries?

Who doesn’t love Free Groceries?

THRIVE has a great solution:  Host a “Party!”

Now, you may not be a “party” person — and you know what? Neither was I! And if you are anything like me, your life is crazy busy and your house may take some extra work to be ready for guests. BUT before you turn off to the idea, lets first look at the Host Benefits and then we’ll look at some “creative” ways to Host a Party.

Host BenefitsHost Benefit #1 — Double Dip

This is awesome!

This is awesome!

If you’re on the Monthly Q or placed a single order, you already have Host benefits waiting for you — WHY? Because an AWESOME feature of the Thrive Party Program is The Double Dip!

What is the Double Dip?

Did you know that when you started your Monthly Q or placed a single order, it was “tied to a party” and someone got Host Benefits? THRIVE Host Benefits, lets you take your 1st order and use it as the base for your 1st “party”. So the person that introduced you to THRIVE got Host Benefits AND You will also get Host Benefits on your own order.  — that’s the Double Dip! How cool is that?

Thrive with Kay Tips Because of the Double Dip, go with the biggest Monthly Q budget you are comfortable with for 3 months, to get the biggest Double Dip you can — then after the 3 months, you can adjust your budge if you need to.

Host Benefit #2 – Thrive Q’s earn TRIPLE Benefits

This is a BIGGIE! — Q Customer Budgets are multiplied X 3 in your total party sales. So for example, if a Q budget was $200, you would get $600 in party sales credit for Host Benefits!

Host Benefit #3 — FREE Thrive Product

10% of all purchases in FREE THRIVE Product (retail price) — NO minimum party sales requirement!

Host Benefit #4 — Heavily Discounted Items

Earn additional heavily discounted items (1/2 off retail price). This is based on total party sales. Click here to see how this benefit rolls out.

Host Benefit #5 — Book a Party for more Heavily Discounted Items

If someone from your party, books their own party at yours, you receive more items up to $100, for 50% off the retail price!

Thrive with Kay Tips Even if someone can’t commit to a specific date, a party can still be “scheduled” with any date and then when a date is confirmed, it can be updated. That way you get your Host Benefits and we can still be accommodating to the next Host.

Example of how Host Benefits work:

If you went to a “party” with just 5 people plus the Host – Remember that New Monthly Q’s get Triple Benefits:

  • Host started a Monthly Q with Chef’s Selection 200 Smart Start ($200/mo. for 3 months) at previous party – Double Dip Benefit — $200 X 3 = $600 to start her party sales
  • You and other person started a Monthly Q with the Chef’s Selection 200 Smart Start ($200/mo. for 3 months) – $200 X 3 = $600 X 2 = $1200 in party sales
  • 2 people started a Monthly Q with a Taste of Thrive Smart Start ($100 mo. / 3 months) – #100 X 3 = $300 X 2 = $600 in party sales
  • 1 person place a single order for $250 – $250 in party sales
  • 2 people “Booked” a party for next month – Up to $200 more in 1/2 off (Retail) product

$2650.00 total for the Party Sales for these 5 people plus Host’s Double Dip

  • $265.00 in Free product (Retail) from Free Product Benefits
  • Up to $500 in 1/2 Off (Retail) product – $300 from Heavily Discounted Benefits plus $200 in 1/2 Off (Retail) product from Parties Booked Benefits

AND YOU have $600 already to start your party sales from the Double Dip Benefits.

Creative Party Ideas

Easy Solutions to Eat Healthier.

Easy Solutions to Eat Healthier.

1. Easy Peasy “Party” – Refer people to my website for my free e-Book, “10 Ways to Get More Fruits and Vegetables Into Your Diet.” Let them know they also get a BONUS — my free e-Course — “Why & How to Build a Home Store.” If they signup for the Q or place an order while getting the e-Course, I will let you know and we will “tie it to your party” and you’ll get Host Benefits. Note: You’ll only get the Double Dip Benefit if you have already started the Q or placed an order yourself.

ThriveParty2. In Home Party Demonstration – If you live fairly close to me in Maryland (within a 3-4 hour drive), I will come and do a Thrive Party Demonstration for you. I bring all the food, you provide the guests, water for them to drink, and just have fun with them.

skype3. SKYPE Party – If you don’t live close to me, we can do a SKYPE Party on your computer over the internet. I will go through a Thrive presentation and be able to answer any questions. We would have to work out samples for you to serve your guests.

OnlineParty-ComingSoon4. Online Party – Coming Soon! — This something I am currently working on and developing. It will be announced in my Thrive With Kay Newsletter as it evolves.


Pretty Sweet Perks and Party Options for any situation and comfort level!

Let’s Party!


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THRIVE Smart Starts – The Easy Way to Start a Home Store on The Q

THRIVE has an every growing product line, which can make it a bit daunting when trying to decide what to buy first.

THE SOLUTION: Use the THRIVE Smart Start Kits to set up your Monthly Q

3 Easy Ways to Start Building your Home Store with THRIVE!

A Taste of Thrive in 3 monthly shipments

A Taste of Thrive – 3 Shipments

Solution 1: A Taste of Thrive — will help you start using THRIVE in the meals your family already loves. It comes with some of our most convenient, delicious, and time-saving THRIVE products, plus all the tools you need to start using them in your favorite meals right away. You’ll cut down meat prep, waste less, and eat healthier in no time!

Budget: $100/month (3 shipments)

  • 27 THRIVE foods
  • Helpful tips and info on each food
  • Recipe and usage ideas in each shipment
  • THRIVE Guide full of product info
  • Quick Reference sheet for fridge
Chef's Selection 200 in 3 monthly shipments

Smart Start Option 2 in 3 monthly shipments

Solution 2: Chef’s Selections 200 — does the meal planning for you — each shipment comes with all the THRIVE ingredient you need to make that month’s recipes in the included recipe booklet. Created in-house by Chef Todd Leonard, the 39 included entree, side and dessert recipes will wow at the dinner table and show you how easy it is to cook with THRIVE!

Budget: $200/month (3 shipments)

  • 66 THRIVE foods
  • Booklet of 38 recipes using included items
  • Meal planers for each month
  • THRIVE Guide full of product info
  • Quick Reference sheet for fridge
  • Monthly shopping lists
Taste of Thrive & You add the Monthly Specials for 3 shipments

Taste of Thrive & You add the Monthly Specials for 3 shipments

Solution 3: A Taste of Thrive (see Solution #1) plus the Monthly Specials. Set you budget for $200/month. Then request the Taste of Thrive for $100 and then modify the 2nd $100 to include the current months specials, taking advantage of these extra savings. Note: The number of monthly special products you’ll receive, will depend on the combination you select to make the second $100.

Click here to see a list of products delivered by month for both a Taste of Thrive and the Chef’s Selections 200. There is also the list of recipes from the Chef Selection Recipe Booklet by month.

All 3 Solutions come with:

ThriveGuideInsideTHRIVE Guide: — A complete Reference Manual — your one and only stop for preparing and cooking with THRIVE! It includes prep instructions and usage tips for every THRIVE product, plus tasty recipe images and ideas, a quick reference chart, rehydration tips, and 6 of Chef Todd’s favorite THRIVE recipes. This handy guide contains everything you need to start using THRIVE in your everyday meals!


Thrive Quick Reference Sheet for the fridge.

Thrive Quick Reference Sheet for the fridge.

Quick Reference sheet for the fridge. This handy reference sheet is a perfect quick reference to using THRIVE. Hang it on your fridge with the enclosed THRIVE magnet and you won’t miss a beat as you are using THRIVE in your kitchen every day!

I love both of these and use them regularly.

NOTE: If you decide to customize your Q from the start, you would have to order the THRIVE Guide as a separate item on your Q. The Quick Reference Guide would have to be ordered separately through a THRIVE consultant, like me.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments and I will answer them as best as I can.


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The Thrive Monthly Q – What is It? How Does The Q Work?

The Solution to build your Home Store easily - The Q

The Solution to build your Home Store easily – The Q

How do I build my Home Store?

Enter the The THRIVE QTHRIVE’s brilliant monthly grocery delivery program that brings the grocery store to your home — it delivers all the THRIVE foods you need for delicious, healthy meals right to your door each month, on the date and budget you choose. When you go on The Q, you always get the best price on your THRIVE foods.

And it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

The Q - Step 1

The Q – Step 1

1. Fill your Q by adding your favorite THRIVE foods. The Q will organize your foods into customizable monthly shipments based on your budget. If you want to shop the monthly specials for additional savings, it’s easy to swap those products into your current month’s shipment.

Thrive with Kay Tips Feeling overwhelmed with all the products THRIVE has to offer? Not sure where to start? An easy and I feel the best way to begin is with one of our Smart Start options – A Taste of Thrive or Chef’s Selections 200. These are both a 3 month, preselected grouping of THRIVE products that include recipes and tips to help you start using THRIVE.

The Q - Step 2

The Q – Step 2

2. Choose your Monthly Budget. Choose the amount you want to spend each month to build your THRIVE Home Store. Reallocation is the key!

Thrive with Kay TipsWhen considering your reallocation budget, remember to factor in all the wasteful things we learned about here.

Reallocate a portion of that budget to THRIVE.
No NEW money required to build your Home Store

The Q - Step 3

The Q – Step 3

3. THRIVE foods are shipped to your door on the date you choose, saving you time and money by avoiding unnecessary trips to the grocery store.

Thrive with Kay TipsHow much time and money in gas can you save by not having to make extra trips to the store because you have a stocked Home Store?

What would you do with an extra $300 – $700 in gas savings yearly?
— Summer Camps?
— Redecorating?
— Family Fun Activities?
— Piano or Dance lessons?
— Add to Retirement or College Funds?

What would you do with the extra time you’ll save by eliminating some grocery store runs AND the speed you can now create your meals using THRIVE (time can be cut in half for a lot of recipes)
— Read to your kids
— Read yourself
— Take a walk in nature
— Work on a project or hobby
— Volunteer
— Take a nice, relaxing bath

With just a $100 Monthly Budget to start, Your Q Club Membership is FREE adding even more value.

If your first Q shipment is $100 or more (before shipping), you will automatically become a part of the Q Club.  If it’s under $100, you can still receive the benefits by paying a one time fee of $79.99.

Q Club Benefits

  • Special discounted Q-pon product each month (usually about 25-30% Off 0 Retail),
  • First access to new products,
  • Exclusive monthly recipes, AND
  • Reward points — Our Q Points reward program offers you 1 point for every dollar you spend on the Q! Those points add up to allow you to get free THRIVE, emergency, and even Food Rotation Shelve products!

No Risk with the THRIVE Q!

The Q has an initial commitment of 3 months, where your starting budget and ship date are locked.  This gives you 90 days to get familiar with using THRIVE and really give an honest effort to incorporate it into your daily life.  If you do, I know you will stay on the Q and keep building and replenishing your Home Store.  After those first 3 months, you can adjust your budget up or down, change your ship date and even pause it, if you need to.  I want you to be 100% comfortable and satisfied with THRIVE, and if I can’t help you address any concerns, you can cancel your Q.

The time has come! Click here to get started . . . There is a good video tutorial on setting up your Q.

If you have further questions, ask them in the comments and I’ll answer them as best as I can.

Lil Bub Updating Q


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A Thrive Home Store – What is it exactly?

Have you ever wondered just what is a THRIVE Home Store?

A THRIVE Home Store is just a well stocked pantry of THRIVE and other products that your family likes, and you use in your everyday cooking. It’s like having your own grocery store in your cupboards.

Here's one of my Home Store Cupboards.

Here’s one of my Home Store Cupboards.

Why should I want a THRIVE Home Store?

By building a good THRIVE Home store you can eliminate those little extra trips to the store, costing you valuable time and gas AND eliminating all those impulse buys saving your money, that we already learned about here!

One of the best reason for having a THRIVE Home Store is PEACE OF MIND — that’s worth a lot in our world today! With a fully stocked THRIVE Home Store, you and your family will be able to eat normally if bad weather hits or if other events occur that disrupt your life. This is so important emotionally. When events outside of your control disrupt your life, you will instinctively hold on to whatever and as much “normal” as you can. And if you have a good Home Store and it provides the “normal” everyday meals for your family, this will be a BIG anchor of “normalcy” to help your family deal better with the stress of the “not normal” things Waterbricks-Counterthat are out of your control — whether that lasts for just a day or two or longer.

Last winter, we had an ice storm that knocked out our power for 4 days.  It became a fun adventure when we didn’t have to worry about what to eat.  We had no trouble with rehydrating.  We just brought up a couple of our waterbricks and set them on the counter and we were good to go — to cook or wash our hands or get a drink.

How is a THRIVE Home Store different from Home Storage?

A THRIVE Home Store is food you use every day. Then after you get a good foundation, you take advantage of the the THRIVE Monthly Sales and you will naturally build your Home Storage, without spending any extra money to do it! You’ll be better prepared and because you use it everyday, there won’t be any learning curve and everyone will be used to seeing those cans opened, used and love eating out of them!

Home Storage in the Basement

Home Storage in the Basement

While a good Home Storage program should be rotated and replenished, my experience has been that most people that have a Home Storage mindset, just tuck it away in the basement for an emergency and don’t want to dig into it unless they absolutely have to.

My truckloads weren't this bad, but it was still a waste!

My truckloads weren’t this bad, but it was still a waste!



I experienced this first hand when we got ourselves “prepared” for Y2K. Remember that? Well, we went through our Home Storage in 2012 and took 3 pickup truck of expired and no longer good food to the dump! Yes, I did said 3 pickup truck loads – talk about a waste of money. That will never happen to me again!


Grumpy Cat not happy some people only store Thrive and don't open the cans and just eat it!

Grumpy Cat not happy some people only store Thrive and don’t open the cans and just eat it!

Thrive Home StoreSo what’s it going to be for you?

A THRIVE Home Store?

Great Choice!

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Thrive in Your Pantry = You Eat Good Food!


Building and maintaining a
Thrive Home Store
means you are not only
eating good food but
have the peace of mind to know
you can weather a little or big storm
that life may throw at you!

And The Q
(monthly grocery delivery to your door)
is the EASIEST way to do it!



Click here for more great information about

The BEST reason to have
in your Pantry is that
Kid Approved!
Kids can’t keep their hands off THRIVE. They’ll forgo their chips and candy for THRIVE fruits, veggies, and yogurt bites straight from the can.

Kids Love Thrive



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